Loan Rates

Rates as of 03/23/2017
Rate DescriptionTerm/Monthly Payment DescriptionAPRAPR Type
New & Used Autos60 – 72 MOSMonthly2.49%Fixed
Used Auto 2009-201360 – 72 MOSMonthly4.99%Fixed
Used Autos 2007-200860 MOSMonthly7%Fixed
New Boats,Motorcycles
60 MOSMonthly6%Fixed
Used Boats,Motorcycles
60 MOSMonthly6%Fixed
New/Used ATV, Personal
Watercraft Equip
60 MOSMonthly11%Fixed
Unsecured12-48 MOSMonthly12%Fixed

*Annual Percentage Rate. Rate based on your credit history. Your actual rate may be higher.

APR refers to the annual percentage rate or the dividend rate. 
APY refers to the annual percentage yield.